Teen Author Talks – Announcement

No blog post today, I'm afraid, but for good reason! I have exciting news to share with everyone about an upcoming series on this blog. It'll be called, as you have probably guessed from the title, Teen Author Talks and from that you can basically work out everything you need to know. I've found seven brilliant teenaged... Continue Reading →


Author Live Chat – What I Learnt

The other evening I did a live chat with fellow teenaged author Amelia Etchells on Instagram. It was a lot of fun and a fair few people watched and seemed to like it. Overall, I think it went well. However, like with most things, as soon as it was done I was struck by waves... Continue Reading →

You Should Write Fanfiction

Fanfiction gets a bad rep. Sure, some of the accusations levelled at it - overly smutty, badly written - can be true, but that shouldn't put you off. Used well, fanfiction can be both a fun hobby and useful tool for a writer of any experience or ability. Here are ten reasons why you and... Continue Reading →

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