It’s My Blog Birthday!

This blog’s not dead. It may have looked it for a long time but I’ve been planning and writing posts for almost a month, ready for my big comeback. Only several months late. Like I’m sure someone important once said, I’ve been turning my weakness into a strength by writing posts inspired by my huge break from blogging and novel writing, with advice relevant to all writers, not just those who accidentally stop blogging. I had it all planned out in my bullet journal – what to say, how to say it, the perfect posting order to flow seamlessly from one topic to the next – I even started to feel like I knew what I was doing. The only thing I didn’t have was a start date, but that was intentional. I wanted several pieces ready first, so I had time between writing and needing to post.

Between all the projects I pick up without even noticing, I didn’t make as much progress as I hoped, but I finished three pieces and that seemed good enough. I thought I’d write another this morning and start posting once it was done, so I opened up WordPress and tried to remember what I’d planned.

WordPress cheerily informed me that today is my one year anniversary of blogging. I can’t remember what starting it was like, but I do remember being proud of my first post Why Being A Young Writer Is Tough. I reread it and didn’t find it too bad. A bit wordy and lacking confidence, but it didn’t make me want to smash my laptop screen which is always a good sign when revisiting old work. Or maybe I just haven’t progressed enough since then. To have opened WordPress for the first time in weeks on exactly this day seemed like a sign to start posting again.

Naturally, I wanted to slam ‘post’ on my first piece immediately, but I’ve made that mistake too many times before, so I thought I’d better at least proof-read before offering it to the void.

Good thing I did. Rather than the polished, 1800 words I remembered, there were only 500 words of a rough draft. My first instinct was to wonder if I’d simply imagined completing it. It’s a bit worrying I consider my own mind failing before a computer’s, but at least then it’s only an imaginary loss of work. The save function had been a bit iffy while writing that day though and I had to accept yes, I had spent those hours on it and yes, they were gone. Serves me right for not backing up.

As I tend to do, I plunged into the sea of despair and declared it a sign I couldn’t restart my blog after all. This may have been a last-ditch attempt at procrastination. Then, as usual, I realised the sea was more of a puddle and figured out what to do. I still had all the notes I wrote the post off, I just needed to wait for Wednesday to join them at my mum’s house. The other posts remained intact. And I still had forty minutes before work. I decided I would write a new post, explaining what had happened and celebrating my anniversary (glossing over the part where I was inactive for six months.) That way I could still get my blog started again and let people know more posts would definitely be forthcoming.

And so I did, creating possibly the most redundant post on this blog. What an achievement.

All this is a very longwinded way to say – due to technical difficulties I cannot post as planned but will do very soon. Happy blog birthday to me.

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