Hogwarts Houses as Writers

I wanted to do a post about which house makes the best writers, just for a bit of fun, but this proved impossible because 1) I’m undeniably biased towards Hufflepuff, the greatest house of all time and 2) anyone can be a good writer, no matter their personality (or Hogwarts house.) Instead, I thought I’d do a rundown what I think each house is like as a writer. Let me know how accurate you think they are!



Traits of Slytherin: Slytherin is the house of the ambitious and cunning. They are resourceful, determined and hold ‘a certain disregard for the rules.’

A Slytherin writer: A writer from Slytherin dreams big and has a plan for how to get there, be that in terms of what they’re writing or their career as an author. They’re plotters but have no qualms about taking a different path when inspiration strikes. They write with intent, knowing exactly what they want everything to mean. Although they respect tradition, they put good writing before the rules and aren’t afraid to experiment (as long as nobody sees any failed results.)


Traits of a Ravenclaw: Ravenclaws are renown for their intelligence, wit and love of learning. They’re often wise and despite the stereotypes, they can display startling originality.

A Ravenclaw writer: This house’s writers love to study the craft almost as much as they love to write. They have a lot of ideas and are especially adept at combining several elements into one story but the amount of research they do can often slow down the writing process. They’re planners down to the minutiae and know their characters better than they know their best friend. Their characters may, in fact, be their best friends. Ravenclaws are unafraid to tackle the big questions in their work and their love of knowledge shines through in their accurate details and worldbuilding.


Traits of a Gryffindor: Courage is the main feature of a Gryffindor and many of their most prized traits run in a similar vein – nerve, daring and chivalry towards those in need.

A Gryffindor writer: Pantsers all the way, Gryffindors prefer to chase boldly after a fresh idea and trust the muse will carry them to the finish. They tackle whatever stories they think need tackling with little regard for marketability. If there isn’t a market for what they’re writing then they’ll make one. They write anywhere, anytime without worrying what people think. Never one to shy away from a challenge they go for the full 50000 words every NaNoWriMo.


Traits of a Hufflepuff: Despite Hagrid once dismissing them as ‘a lot o’ duffers,’ Hufflepuffs have got a lot going for them. Loyalty is one of their most prized traits which can also be interpreted as dedication. They try to be kind and empathetic to everyone, leading to a skill for acceptance and tolerance. Most importantly, they value hard work.

A Hufflepuff writer: Writing can be a long slog but Hufflepuffs are happy to chip away at it day by day. With their patience and dedication, they can see even lengthy projects to completion. Their natural empathy helps them create believable and lovable well-rounded diverse characters. The house’s focus on modesty means Hufflepuffs tend to keep their writing quiet and often doubt their ability, but they’re never slow to cheer on their writer friends.


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