Progress Update – My Life

Today I was meant to be giving a WIP update as part of my #wipgalentines female character challenge on Instagram, but then I noticed that it’s also my birthday. I know – I’m also surprised I forgot but it’s been a busy few weeks.

Anyway, rather than just giving an update on my WIP so far, I thought I’d also give an update on my life so far. After all, I’m eighteen now and quite a bit can happen in that time. So here are some ‘achievements’ and stats (possibly guessed at) from my life so far!

Achievements Unlocked

Born – Congrats! You were born on 21/2/2000

Learned to Read – and only partly because a girl in reception laughed at you when you couldn’t

Won a Race – you must have done at some point, probably?

Survived MRSA – not really down to any skill of your own but it’s pretty deadly so good job anyway!

Wrote First Story – it was 11 pages longer than the teacher had asked for but wow, a Greenland shark as the villain? That’s way more inventive than most eleven-year-olds come up with and definitely deserved more than a single tick

Public Speaker Team Member – you didn’t win anything and failed to make the team as soon as auditions were required but close enough!

Won a National Orienteering Competition – to be honest, no idea how you managed this

Grade 4 Piano – not that you can play anything now but at one point you were passable

Received 2 Medical School Offers – this actually is a good one

First Boyfriend – 27th June 2014 or thereabouts. Initially believed to be a joke. Over text – classy

First Kiss – October 2014 on a moor. (Bonus achievement: tripped over a log immediately afterwards but didn’t quite fall)

First Heartbreak: 29th December 2014. Also over text – classier

First Fanfiction: a purposeful joke (but a mildly popular one)

Successfully Asked Someone Out: only took about three tries but he finally agreed while at a DnD sleepover! What that says about you two though…

Yellow Belt: earnt a yellow belt in Kenpo Karate (the first test)

Published a Book: on 2/12/2017 A Grey Valentine’s was officially self-published after eleven months of work!


Books Attempted: 4

Fanfics Posted: 25

Houses Lived In: 5

Countries Visited: 8

Most Written in NaNoWriMo: 35000 words

Puppies Raised: 25

Siblings: 3

Driving Tests Taken: 3

Schools: 3

Height: 173cm

Weight: 59kg

Longest Distance Run: 8km

Longest Time in Hospital: 4 weeks

Most Reads on a FanFic: 2571

Japanese Words Known: 1000+

Times Dyed Hair: 5

I know not a lot will drastically change now I’m eighteen and those changes I’m longing for won’t be until the summer, but it’s good to feel change is around the corner. I’ve got a lot of goals for adult life – write another book, get traditionally published, become a doctor, get married – but I don’t have to do it all now. If I keep chipping away at it and trying hard in life then I’ll be there before I know it, able to look back on years of memory like I am today. Being a ‘child’ (even if I haven’t felt that way for years) has been mostly fun but I’m beyond ready for the next steps.


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    1. XD tbh I’m slightly shocked myself! Thank you ^_^ I’m about to have a bubble bath since I just got home from school and later I’m going to see my friends in the school production of Grease so yeah it’s great!


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