Why I’m Not Joining Vero (yet)

The past few days I've heard quite a bit about Vero. It's the best thing ever - it's the worst thing ever - it's saving creators from the mercy of the algorithm - it's stealing creator's works and dooming us all. Honestly, I don't know what is true. I had a little look and it... Continue Reading →

My Excel-Lent Spreadsheet Outlines

Excuse the pun and let's get down to business. A lot of people have asked me about my monstrous spreadsheet outlines and how I use them. If you haven't seen one of them before, here's a small section of my current one. That shows the first nine scenes of my new WIP (a YA fantasy)... Continue Reading →

Teen Author Talks Continued

Remember my Teen Author Talks? Course you do, you read every one. Anyway, great news. I'm looking to get them back up and running over the next few weeks, in the slightly different format of an instalment every week, as I mentioned in Taylor Bennet's interview a little while ago. I already had a waiting... Continue Reading →

Progress Update – My Life

Today I was meant to be giving a WIP update as part of my #wipgalentines female character challenge on Instagram, but then I noticed that it's also my birthday. I know - I'm also surprised I forgot but it's been a busy few weeks. Anyway, rather than just giving an update on my WIP so far,... Continue Reading →

‘The Bestseller Code’ Condensed

A smash-hit bestseller appears a freak event, impossible to predict, yet in their daring book The Bestseller Code, Jodie Archer and Matthew L. Jockers argue that there is, in fact, a winning formula. All you need is a highly sophisticated algorithm trained on bestseller for years. It's a fantastic book and fascinating to read whether you... Continue Reading →

Why You Need (Writer) Friends

It's easy to see other writers as a threat. After all, there are only so many agents, only so many readers, only so much money people are willing to spend. It's true that there is stiff competition for these things, as there should be, but isolating yourself out of jealousy or preciousness isn't going to... Continue Reading →

Is She A Strong Female Character?

Everyone wants their MC to be one, but the phrase 'strong female character' means something different to everyone and heck if I know the proper definition. My idea of it is simply a well-developed character that is female and not inherently misogynistic. Well, I say 'simply' but somehow this is something even female writers struggle... Continue Reading →

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