My Top Writing Music

After last week’s post about writing to game music I thought I’d go a little further and list a few of my favourite soundtracks to listen to while writing. Let me know in the comments if you’re already a fan of these games or soundtracks.

  1. Animal Crossing – For me, there’s nothing more nostalgic than the iconic sounds of Animal Crossing. If you haven’t heard it, think cheerful and relaxing. I like KK & Friends by Gamechop but there are plenty of other cover albums as well.
  2. Faster Than Light – Although a sci-fi game soundtrack might seem an odd match for a contemporary romance, I listened to this for all of A Grey Valentine’s final edits. I love the chilled out tracks from the exploration parts of the game and the battle music can pump you up for whatever type of conflict you’re writing.
  3. Ace Attorney – I believe it’s impossible to listen to any Ace Attorney song without getting incredibly pumped. I love having it on while writing confrontation scenes – it captures desperation, excitement and the determination to fight against impossible odds. The Retro Crowd have two great cover albums including the original trilogy themes and later.
  4. Undertale – The music was one of the best parts of a brilliant game. It’s great for focusing if you want something soothing in the background or for psyching yourself up for that big scene.
  5. Disparition – This is the only non-gaming music I write to and I find it incredibly inspiring. Any Night Vale fans will already be familiar with the haunting and atmospheric music and my favourite album Neukrk contains most of the background music from the podcast. I think it really helps you relax and think without distracting too much from the actual writing. (Also, I saw him live at a Night Vale show and he’s awesome.)

All of these are available on Spotify and I’m sure many other places. Next time you get stuck why not try out one of these albums and see if it makes a difference? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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